I love Kente patterns. The Kente concept is so popular that you can find Kente inspired print in almost any fabric store. I say print because now and days Kente patterns printed onto a basic fabric is cheaper than an actual woven Kente cloth.


I Love wearing the Kente Print––

The Kente Cloth is an iconic symbol of African Heritage. For years, I knew Kente cloth was from Ghana. However, I did not know what tribe it was associated with and the meaning behind it. All I knew was it looked good!

Kente Cloth is a woven fabric from the Akan people of Ghana and is known as the “cloth of kings”. Men usually weave it. Its multicolored patterns are arranged in a dazzling basket weave format. In fact, the word “Kent” according to (Professor Wikipedia ☺) comes from the word kenten, which means “basket.” Also, each color has a symbolic meaning.

I have designed several outfits for House of Rubi with the Kente Print.

Kente Corset

Kente Corset – House of Rubi

Here I am, Miss Rubi Girl Tenneh modeling my favorite item from House of Rubi the Kente Corset!  It’s so easy to style. I can wear it with a high waisted skirt, wear with a blazer and denim pants, or shorts.

Kente Corset-House of Rubi

Kente Corset-House of Rubi

Kente Make up and Accessories- House of Rubi

Kente Make up and Accessories- House of Rubi

Kente inspires me to wear bold makeup and funky accessories.  I’m wearing a long beaded necklace and a mixed selection of bangles on my wrists.

Kente Top with High Waisted Skirt-House of Rubi

House of Rubi-Kente corset and skirt sketch
Kente Corset with High Waisted Skirt
High Waisted Skirt with Kente Top-House of Rubi

High Waisted Skirt with Kente Top

The skirt features a large belt at the sides which ties into a full bow at back

Here is the House of Rubi Kente top paired with its matching high waisted skirt

Kente High Waisted Skirt With Corset

Rubi Girl Tenneh in Kente High Waisted Skirt With Corset

I really love this outfit! The high waisted skirt can be paired with many items in my wardrobe!


Accessories With High Waisted Skirt

I paired the corset and high waisted skirt with a simple black clutch and leopard print pumps for an extra edge

Kente Dress - House of Rubi

Kente Dress – House of Rubi

The Kente Dress features a black bodice and a pleated Kente print bottom. There is a belt attached at the sides which ties into a lovely bow at the back

Kente Dress With Accessories

Kente Dress With Accessories

Here is a great video that introduces Kente weaving


GREEN-Harvest & Vegetation
BLUE- Love & Peace
PURPLE-Feminine & Healing
MAROON- Earthy & Healing
PINK- Femininity
GOLD- Royal
YELLOW-Fertility, Royal, Wealth
SILVER- Serenity, Femininity
GREY- Cleansing & Healing
Check out this website for more info on Kente colors http://kente.midwesttradegroup.com/history.html#anchor983860

Alrightie guys gotta go for now. But you can check out the House of Rubi Facebook Page for more info on House of Rubi! 😀


House of Rubi

13 thoughts on ““RUBI GIRL LOVES KENTE”

  1. Now we are in mother Africa. Please tell Francila to take OFF that jean jacket. I does NOT go with the African look; everything else, gorgeous.

    • LOL:D We love the denim jacket with the dress!! I think it gives it a youthful and more modern feel. What would you suggest to complement the African look? I could do another photo shoot with Francilia modeling your options. 🙂

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