Thanksgiving is the only time of the year I can eat like a beast and not feel any ounce of guilt!


My Mother's homemade Turkey 😀

I gorge and gobble, but I must look good in the process! Therefore, Thanksgiving was an excellent opportunity to introduce the first skirt from “House of Rubi”

Ribbon Lace Skirt & Rubi Girl

Ribbon Lace Skirt & Rubi Girl Tenneh

Ribbon Lace Skirt from House of Rubi

Ribbon Lace Skirt from House of Rubi

The skirt features a solid cream base with a black scallop lace overlay. Black ribbons and sequence are hand stitched horizontally on top of the lace to give it a sophisticated feel.

Dressed and feeling good in the ribbon lace skirt, I head to the dinning room to get MY GRUB ON!

Every Thanksgiving dinner must have these two crucial components

1.  The Turkey Slicer

2. The Alcohol Advocators

Mrs. Wilkins Guide to Serving Turkey

My lovely mother Mrs. Wilkins, was the Turkey Slicer for this year. Notice how she expertly slices and smiles. Now that is the mark of a veteran Turkey Slicer!

 Serving Turkey
1.  Position Knife                               2. Slice                           3. Serve    

Mrs. Wilkins Models

Mrs. Wilkins Models

After slicing the turkey, she models her outfit.

Rubi Girl: Mommie what kind of gown are you wearing?

Mrs. Wilkins: I’m wearing a tie-dye print gown from Liberia

The Alcohol Advocators

Thanksgiving Rubi Girl

The Alcohol Advocators demonstrate how to get Da Party Started!

1. Take the bottle and pose                         2. Pop Da Bottle

The Meal

These are some of my favorite meals that were served

Potato Greens, Lasagna, Sweet Fried Plantain ( The Latinos call it platanos), Sweet Potato, and Meat Pies. Potato Greens is a popular Liberian dish served with rice. The greens come from the sweet potato plant.

Now It’s time to Eat!


Soiyea is gorgeous in her scarf she purchased in Philadelphia

Mr Wilkins

Mr Wilkins handles his plate. This is his first round 😀

Mr. Knight

The suave Mr. Knight poses before he gets a plate. Mr. Knight is dressed to impress!

Creative Recreations-Styling Couple

Yvonne and Jerry show of their style

Jerry is sporting a Ralph Lauren sweater with jeans and showing of his fresh Creative Recreation Shoes. Yvonne is cute in a sheer ruffled neck blouse and fitted stretch denim.

Stomach  Full Heart Happy

Now that everybody has eaten, smiles are stretched from ear to ear!

Anna and Jasper

Anna and Jasper


Everyone is content now that dinner has been served 😀

Thanks for coming to a Rubi Girl’s Thanksgiving!  If you would like to see more House of Rubi Fashion, check out my facebook website at http://www.facebook.com/HouseofRubi

House of Rubi

House of Rubi


  1. So there were you all are. Best regards to the family. Food loves good. Wish I was present. Stay blessed and love, Aunty Leona

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