Rubi Girl Reminisces about Summer

Yes, I know its winter. The snow covered streets, dreary skies, and slippery black iced sidewalks, reinforces the fact that winter is not leaving without a fight. Reminiscing about last summer keeps me warm and excited about all the great things Summer 2015 will unfold! Summer in New York is amazing.  Even the unbelievably hot days followed by muggy rain are beautiful to me. Everything is so vibrant. People soak in the sun and music boom out of large vans in the streets of Brooklyn. The food is freaking spectacular. Yet best of all, there are no boring dark, bulky winter jackets in sight. People showoff their creative style; FASHION, FASHION EVERYWHERE!!!

It’s great how people express their style freely. This lady’s back is soooo cool. The art work on her back was done with tattoos and a process known as Scarification.  Scarification can be achieved through etching, burning, cutting, and scratching an artwork or design directly into the skin. The skin heals and scars in the pattern that was placed on it.  She must have a high pain tolerance. If I was to do this, I would faint before the process begins!!

Afro Punk Festival,  African Scarification , House of Rubi

STUNNING. Scarification used as art.

Summer brings fresh new and innovative hairstyles. No need for a winter hat!

Mohawk, House of Rubi

Mohawk with flower print design. FLAWLESS !

Being that I am a fan and designer of African inspired fashion, I had to take note of the eclectic Brooklyn street, Afrocentric style at the Afro Punk festival last year!

Afro Funk Festival, Afrocentric , Brooklyn street style, House of Rubi

Afrocentric, Brooklyn Street Style

Hmmmm, I’m thinking the House of Rubi Kente Corset will be a perfect fit for the Afro Punk Festival 2015. Most likely, I may just design a new corset. I love the fact that different fabrics can be used to customize this corset to the wearer’s style.

Kente Corset, Afro Punk, Afrocentric, African Print, Corset

House of Rubi Multicolored Kente Corset Top.  Click on image to purchase or find out more about the Kente corset.  Email Rubi Girl Tenneh at if you have any questions about the Kente corset or any of House of Rubi  products.

There are street vendors year round in New York. Yet, summer street vendors are the best!!! The array of items are endless.

During the summer, the streets are alive with hilarious entertainment. Check out this dancehall chick I saw dancing on Jamaica avenue in Jamaica, Queens. I dare you to challenge her to a danceoff. WHINE DA BODY!

Summer is the season for weddings, graduation parties, cookout and all kinds of celebrations! Check out this Stunna at his graduation day ceremony!!

July 4th is so much fun. There are neighborhood block parties, and street barbecues. You can head to the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the fire works! Of course everybody and their momma took out cellphones to record the show.

Fireworks, House of Rubi

Look into the sky. FIREWORKS

On the rainy days, I stayed home to design, make patterns, sew for clients, brand House of Rubi and create gifts for my friends.

Some days I would just chill and look for something new to learn. Last year I went window shopping for a Ukulele. I’m gonna purchase this one from the Guitar Center in Summer 2015.  Can’t Wait 😀

Best of all, I got to spend more time with my beautiful new born God Son. He is one of the most joyous being I’ve ever meet. His smiles are like rays of summer sunshine.

Hopefully my summer musings will keep you warm through out the winter!  Much blessings and love,

Rubi Girl Tenneh 😀