House of Rubi Introduces (Drum Roll)… THE AMIRAH DRESS! This is the first dress from the House of Rubi children’s wear collection, and there is more to come!!  It was designed for the lovely, super adorable little girl Amirah.

Amirah is a member of NSP, which is a Brooklyn based talent development organization for inner city youth. She and 9 other lovely young ladies from NSP modeled for House of Rubi at the Annual International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn NYC,  I had a consultation with Amirah prior to designing the dress for the show. We sat down on the floor with crayons, and doodled colorful images on paper.  We also chatted about her day, and all the things she likes. Then I asked “What kind of dress would you like to wear for the fashion show?”  She said  “I want a red and bright dress with a big bow like Annie!” “I want it to be long and twirly and bright and pretty”!  So I said, “Got it!!” ” I’ll make the dress for you”!


Amirah Modeling the “Amirah Dress”


She modeled the dress like a little diva. Here she is showing off her signature direct diva gaze, hand on the hip pose!! 😀  Her grandmother loved the dress so much, that she purchased it right of the runway!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.05.21 AM


House of Rubi is now making customized versions of the Amirah dress! If you are interested, click the purchase link and list your child’s measurement.  Here is a instructional diagram. All of the measurements listed in the diagram are not needed for the dress. However, if you have other customization requests you can give all the measurements listed in the diagram. Here are the main measurements needed for the dress. Measure around the Chest, Waist, Hip, and Torso. Also, measure the vertical length from Chest to Waist, and Vertical length from Waist to floor.  If you have any questions, contact Rubi Girl Tenneh at

Childs measurement Girl

It was a wonderful experience getting know Amirah.

She is a beautiful, spirited child and it was an honor to have her be the inspiration for

“The Amirah Dress”

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.07.21 AM









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