House of Rubi Introduces “The Logan Dashiki!” (Part 1)

The Dashiki print has been a popular fashion item this past summer and people are still crazy about it! Many don’t know that the original Dashiki originated from West Africa. It is commonly a short sleeved, vibrant colored, loosely fitted, cotton blend tunic, with multi-colored, V-shape embroidery, ornately embellishing the garment’s neckline, shoulders, and sleeve.


Image  from The History of Somali Dir Clan: Taarikhda Beesha Direed Dir

The Dashiki is a unisex garment, which can be worn informally, or to a formal affair. The word “dashiki”originates from”danshiki” (the Yoruba word for a work shirt).

It became popular in the United states during the 60’s

The Beatles wearing Dashikis in the 60’s

Today, the Dashiki’s embroidery aesthetic has been adapted and printed on fabric in various colors.

Dashiki Print. Image taken from

Dashiki Print. Image from Bodikian Textiles

People are now using the prints to create jackets, suits, pants, dresses, skirts and accessories. Lately, It seems like everyone is wearing a Dashiki print garment!!  Many have asked me to design an item with this popular print for House of Rubi. I collaborated with my cousin Nukes Logan Kermee to design a Dashiki print hooded tunic with quilted detailing and gold embellishments. Also, I name many of the House of Rubi fashions after family, friends and amazing clientele.  Hence, House of Rubi introduces the “Logan Dashiki” in honor of Nukes.

Creating the “Logan Dashiki” was a fun, yet detailed process !!

Prior to cutting the garment pieces, I took Nukes measurements and created a pattern

First, I cut out the garment pieces

Then I layed out the embellishments.

The “Logan Dashiki” has 2 triangular yokes with gold zippers at the sides. It also has gold buttons that comes down the front of a functional placket.

Laying out the embellishments

        It’s sewing time!!!!

Sewing the quilt detailing on the hoodie and yolk, with the image of my mother (AKA Mommy Sunshine) smiling back at me. 😀


Quilted detailing on hoodie.


Adding in the finishing touches!!

After the “Logan Dashiki was finished” Nukes modeled the Dashiki in a photo shoot for House of Rubi!

IMG_0440 3

 Check out the finished product in House of Rubi introduces the “Logan Dashiki (Part 2) !!

Thanks for reading  😀

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