House of Rubi Introduces “The Logan Dashiki!” (Part 2)

The House of Rubi  “Logan Dashiki” is here!! As stated in (Part 1) of this blog, the Dashiki originated in West Africa. It is commonly a short sleeved, vibrant colored, loosely fitted, cotton blend tunic, with multi-colored, V-shape embroidery, ornately embellishing the garment’s neckline, shoulders, and sleeve.

Today the Dashiki print is a popular fashion must have for many! Hence, I collaborated with my cousin Nuques Logan and created the “Logan Dashiki” for House of Rubi!!  We then connected with AR Richardson (the photographer for A Rich Experience Photography) for a fun photo shoot!


                  Nukes modeling the “Logan Dashiki!”

Click here to order the Logan Dashiki 

This long sleeved hooded tunic features a quilted lined hoodie and yolk. There is a functional black placket at center front embellished with 4 gold buttons.  The V-shape embroidery print is strategically placed at the front and back neckline,  staying true to traditional West African Dashiki aesthetics. The print continues on to the sleeve opening to create an embroidered hem effect.

My favorite part of this Dashiki are the black triangular inserts, with centered,  functional gold zippers located at the side seams!!




Quilted effect on hoodie and yolk.


I stitched in a quilted effect at the hood and yolk. There are 4 functional buttons at the center front placket.


Loooveee the quilted detailing and print layout on the hoodie and shoulders!!


The embroidered print effect embellishes the neckline at front and back.

5IMG_0440 3

Nukes did a great job modeling the House of Rubi “Logan Dashiki” Well, of course he did, it was made for and named after him!! 😀

6LOGANFClick here to Order the Logan Dashiki  If you are interested in getting one!!

Thanks for reading  😀

To find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at 

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