Today’s popular fashions follow trends from pop culture, social media and other societal factors. Some of the popular fashion items in our wardrobe are spiritually revered in various cultures around the world. Other fashions are inspired by revered objects that have meaningful and in-depth historical backgrounds. Cowry shells are a perfect example of such revered objects!!

These shells are commonly used for jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, arts, and crafts. Cowry shell images are also used on fabric prints.

My Afro-Chic and cosmopolitan brand House of Rubi has fashion items made with cowry shell fabric prints!

House of Rubi, Cowry print covered shoes. Email Rubi Girl Tenneh at if interested in shoe covering.

House of Rubi, cowry print covered shoes. Email me ( Rubi Girl Tenneh) at,  if you’re interested in shoe covering.


The Jerry Bow Tie! Click this Image to learn more about the ” Jerry Bow Tie”


The “Jerry Bow Tie” set from House of Rubi. Click this image to find out more about the “Jerry Bow Tie” set!!

I currently have accessories made out of cowry shells. Yet today, I found out that cowry shells have a deep spiritual meaning and has been revered in various nations around the world for centuries!

Cowry (also spelled cowrie) are the shells from sea snails (marine gastropod mollusks). The shells are shaped like an egg.

Some cultures in Africa, America, and Asia, spiritually associates cowry shells with the water goddess.  Cowry also represents femininity. In some world cultures, women would wear a chain of cowry shells around their hips to increase their fertility.

Historically, cowry shells have been used as a religious accessory for ceremonial purposes.


Cowry-shells adorning the headwear for a baptismal ceremony . Image from the article “The giver of Life: Cowry Shell”

Cowry shells also symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It has also been used in America, Asia, Africa and Australia as a form of currency!!


Chinese shell money Chinese shell money, 16-8th century BCE ! Image from

Check out these detailed articles and case studies to learn more about Cowry Shells.

The international Journal of Human and Social Science

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To find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at 

Follow House of Rubi to find afro-chic and other cultural inspired fashions, learn about world design trends cultural traditions, and keep updated on the brand!!



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