Glamourous Gold!

Gold glamours, glitz and glitter!  That is one of the many reasons why the world is mesmerized by it.  Gold in its natural form is a yellow, reddish brown orange metal. It has been and is still used for medicine, jewelry, electronics, food, drink and monetary exchange. It is one of the most valuable commodity exchanged in the global market.

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Gold nuggets, image from

People have fought for it and some have died because of it. For example, it is stated by many today that gold was one of the reasons why Gadhafi, the African President of Libya was killed. The Libyan president had proposed that the U.S and other nations pay for Libyan oil with a form of African currency known as “Dinars”. This currency would have been backed with and made out of gold. Such a transition would have devastated the U.S and other nations currency. Hence, Gadhafi was executed.

For centuries royals and prominent societal members around the world have adorned themselves in Gold to display their status.


Image from National Geographic. Article ‘Royal Gold of the Ashante Empire’. October 1996, Article and photos by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher. “Ladened with gold, a prominent woman of the Ivory Coast’s Adioukrou people – distant relatives of the Asante – displays a third of the ornaments in her jewelry chest. Gold dust, once prized as currency, flecks her face on a day when she and her husband are honored for reaching a noteworthy level of wealth’

Pic shows: Bride was covered in gold for the wedding in India. An Indian sweet maker made sure his daughter was the golden girl at her upcoming wedding by covering her in gold jewellery worth more than 400,000 GBP. The man who was not named nevertheless came under fire after it was revealed he needed a police guard to protect him and his daughter as they turned up covered in gold for the wedding in India's southern Andhra Pradesh state. Police spokesman Sandeep Kumar in Tirupati, a holy city known for its famous temple of Lord Vishnu, confirmed that the man and his daughter, who he declined to name, had worn gold jewellery throughout the ceremony. He said:

Indian bride displays her wealth wearing gold jewelry worth more than 400,000 GBP. Taken from Article: Something gold, something new… Indian bride wears £400,000 of jewelry on her wedding day’ by John Hall

Gold dates back to Ancient Egypt and beyond.  Ancient Egyptians believed gold was reminiscent of the sun. Gold was deemed to be a perfect metal; it’s hieroglyphic symbol was a circle. This circle hieroglyphic symbol also represents the sun.

Hmmmmm this looks suspiciously like Target’s symbol (the US based retail chain) 😀 😀 😀


Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for gold and the sun. Image taken from New Dawn Magazine Article “Dogon Cosmology & Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing” By LAIRD SCRANTON

Gold is so glamourous that even its color is associated, illumination, love, abundance, wealth, passion, power, prestige and prosperity.  As we all know, the first place winner gets the gold metal!


Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas made US history at age 16, when she won the gold medal in the Oylmpic gynastic women’s all-around final competition. She is the first African-American to win the top prize. Image taken from US weekly magazine. Article: Gabby Douglas Parents Supported Her Olympic Win Near and Far.”

Today many still wear gold to show their status, exude confidence, and radiate beauty and grace. Check out ” Glamourous Gold” ( Part 2) to see the fan favorite, House of Rubi gold hued and adorned fashions!!

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