Fabrics Fabrics, Which Do You Like

House of Rubi features Afro-chic and other cosmopolitan fashions. I’m always searching the market for unique fabrics and popular prints.  There are many types of African laces, prints, cloths and textures. I love them all!! That makes the editing process damn near impossible!! Therefore, I refer to House of Rubi’s amazing clientele and fan base for their favorite prints and fabric choices.  During the Spring of 2015 to now, people are still crazy about the Dashiki Print (also known as the Angelina Print). One of House of Rubi top items is the Logan Dashiki! Some fashion trend setters and designers have forecasted that the “Dashiki Craze” is going to extend into Summer 2016! We will find out the truth of that prediction when 2016 comes. 😀

IMG_0440 3

The Logan Dashiki from House of Rubi. Modeled by Nukes Logan. Photography by Ahmad Richardson for ” A Rich Experience Photography ” Click this image to find out more about this product!

Here are some cool traditional and modern fabric prints I came across while searching the markets. Share your thoughts on which ones you like or don’t like. Let me know what type of prints, colors, fabric textures, laces, and solid colored fabrics you would like to see more of at House of Rubi! Also, what print and/or fabric do you think is going to be the next fashion craze!!

Are you a traditionalist? Do you prefer the traditional African cloths, such as the mud and kuba cloths with cultural imageries?

Traditional Fabrics- Mud cloth

Pictorial Mudcloth

Mudcloth1 Mudcloth2 Mudcloth4

Traditional Fabric- Kuba Cloth 


Are you a Pop Modernist? Do you prefer the popular prints such as the Dashiki and other modern African fabric print?

Modern Prints

Dashiki Print. Image taken from http://bodikian-textiles.com/

Dashiki Print. Image taken from http://bodikian-textiles.com/


Fabric Collage featuring various types of African prints

Print Print2 Print3 Print5 Print6 Print7 Print8

Are you a Supahh Star :D? Do you prefer elaborate laces, and gold embroidered cloths such as the George African fabrics?


George Fabric


Organza Guipure Lace Image from http://www.middlesextextiles.com/


Silk George Wine Colored Image from http://www.middlesextextiles.com


Silk George, Sky Blue and Fuchsia Image taken from http://www.middlesextextiles.com

What fabrics do you like?

Are you a Traditionalist, Pop Modernist, or Supahh Star!?

What fabrics do you think will be the next fashion craze?

What clothing styles and fashion silhouettes would you like in your wardrobe?

Share your thoughts and suggestions!!

Thanks for reading  😀

To find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at info@houseofrubi.com or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at  www.houseofrubi.com 

Follow House of Rubi to find afro-chic and other cultural inspired fashions, learn about world design trends cultural traditions, and keep updated on the brand!!



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