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Over the years, many dresses have been made at House of Rubi. Some, (such as the “Tulle Romance” dress) were very unique and intricate.


The “Tulle Romance” dress. A unique and intricate dress from House of Rubi! Modeled by my stunning soul sister Mercedes. Click this image to check out the blog and find out more about the “Tulle Romance” dress.


 “Tulle Romance” is dedicated to my mother and grandmother. The whole dress is made out of tulle, stitched onto a cotton fabric base. Click this image to find out more about “Tulle Romance!”

Here are the “Favorite Five”! The top five favorite dresses from House of Rubi! Many of House of Rubi’s fashions are named after and/or dedicated to friends, family and other amazing individuals. Let the count down begin!!

#5 The Ika Black and White Lace Dress


This dress is named after my soul sister Ika. Her favorite clothing colors are black, white, and red. While conversing about dresses, she stated that it would be great to see a white dress with a full asymmetrical skirt and contrasting black and white pattern. Therefore, I designed and created this dress. It features black lace laid over a white corset strapless top. The top is is attached to a full asymmetrical skirt, which is lined with a contrasting black and white leopard print fabric. Yes, we make dress dreams come true at House of Rubi! 😀 Wait a minute! That could be a great slogan! “House of Rubi, where dress dreams come true.”

#4 The Anique Dress!  


This dress is cute, sassy, and smart, like the person it’s named after! The “Anique Dress” is named after my little cousin Anique. She helps me lay out fabrics, and organize. Yet best of all, she DJs our favorite African jams from her laptop in order for me to stay awake, and motivated while working!! Cocktail dresses are a House of Rubi specialty. This sleeveless, scoop neck dress features a deep V lapel at center back ,and a full above knee flared skirt. Click this image to check out “The Anique Dress” blog!”

#3 The Mercedes Drape Back Dress 

This classy, sleek and sexy dress is named after my soul sister Mercedes! She loves wearing classic pieces that makes a statement. She inspired me to design a modern piece which reflected her graceful personality. Many of the House of Rubi clientele have requested that I make them this exact dress or a customized version of it! The original dress is knee length. I also created a floor length version which exudes sexy elegance.



Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 11.16.25 AM

Floor length “Mercedes Dress” modeled at the Made in Africa Week Fashion Show. Photography by Ahmad Richardson for  “A Rich Experience Photography”

#2 The Mai Dress 


Although the “Mai Dress” is number 2 on this list, it will always be number one in my heart. It is named after my aunt Mai Logan. She was an amazing seamstress, mentor, and creative soul. Aunty Mai introduced me to the world of fabrics. This dress is made out of “George” embroidered brown and gold fabric. Aunty Mai and I bought this fabric on one of our many fabric shopping adventures! May she rest in peace.

#1 The Amirah Dress


We all agreed that this cute little diva stole the show!!  Here is little Amirah modeling her dress at the Annual International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn NYC. She is a confident child with a beautiful sprit! Prior to the show she requested that I make her a red dress with a big bow similar to the dress featured in the movie Annie! Click this dress to find out more about the “Amirah Dress!”

Thank you for counting down with me!!

To get a customized dress made and/or find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at info@houseofrubi.com or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at  www.houseofrubi.com 

Follow House of Rubi to find afro-chic and other cultural inspired fashions, learn about world design trends cultural traditions, and keep updated on the brand!!



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