World Fashion Trends

We all have variating concepts on what fashion is and how it should evolve. It’s fascinating to see what different cultures deem aesthetically pleasing and acceptable.

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I’ve collected several pins on unique world fashion for House of Rubi. Click this link to check them out on Pinterest!

Here is a list of 5 World fashion trends. Some are offensive, odd, fascinating, and/or beautifully creative.  Let me know what you think!

#5  The Hitler Chick- Thailand

This trend shocked the hell out me! Many times people use an image, cultural artifact and or historical person as a fashion trend, with out finding out the history or background of the image being used. I highly believe this is one of those cases. In Thailand there is a Hitler-Mania where his images are being used in animated form on sweatshirt, T-shirts and other clothing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.25.41 AM

Hitler Fashion. According to Amazing Beautiful World website, there are Hitler versions of Teletubbies, Ronald Mc Donald and Pandas. All of these images are being placed on tees , sweatshirts and other clothing. Image from

#4 Pointy Elf Boots- Mexico. I blogged about this fashion trend several years ago in “Rubi Girl Goes to Mexico”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.51.39 AM

Image from the House of Rubi blog, “Rubi Girl Goes to Mexico” Click this image to check out the blog!

Elf Boots are still popular today and has made it on the fashion Runway!  According to the article ” Wonderful Ridiculous Head-Scratchingly Pointy Mexican Boots Are Now A Designer Item”  Elf boots were featured in Comme Des Garcons fashion show for its Spring/Summer 2015 collection!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.36.35 AM

Fashionable Elf Boots- Image taken from article “Wonderful Ridiculous Head-Scratchingly Pointy Mexican Boots Are Now A Designer Item” Click this image to check out the article.

#3 Camouflage Print Jackets- Russia   I want one!

Although symbolically associated with the military, the camouflage print has been widely used in fashion since World War I!


Image taken from the Bazaar magazine article “STREET STYLE: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE” Image by Diego Zuko Click this image to check out the Bazaar Magazine gallery.

Check out this informative Wall Street Journal article “”Why Men Can’t Stop Buying Camouflage Prints”. It states why Camouflage print is a recurring fashion trend!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.17.51 PM

Image taken from Wall Street Journal Article “Why Men Can’t Stop Buying Camouflage Prints” By JAKE GALLAGHER.   Click this image to check out article

#2 Ikat Suit- India.  I Love this! Ikat is a woven fabric mainly associated with Indonesia. However, this fabric is traditionally made in India and other countries around the world. Threads used to create an Ikat print are tie-dyed prior to the weaving process. The resulting fabrics are beautiful!


Ikat Suit. Lovely lady showcasing India’s street style, wearing a suit made out of Ikat fabric. Image taken from

#1 The Dashiki- West Africa.  Popular in the United States, and UK. This one is a House of Rubi Favorite!!

One of our most popular item is the Logan Dashiki. Dashiki originated from West Africa. It is commonly a short sleeved, vibrant colored, loosely fitted, cotton blend tunic, with multi-colored, V-shape embroidery, ornately embellishing the garment’s neckline, shoulders, and sleeve. The Dashiki print has been a popular fashion item this past summer in the United States and people are still crazy about it!  Check out the blog “House of Rubi Introduces the Logan Dashiki”  I plan on making myself a Logan Dashiki in the available red, greed and black colors!


The House of Rubi Logan Dashiki.  Nukes Logan modeling the red version. House of Rubi offers the Dashiki in red, black and green! Click this image to order and/or find out more about the Dashiki


The Logan Dashiki! Click this image to order and/or find out more about the dashiki!

Thanks for counting down with me!

To get a customized fashion item made and/or find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at 

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