Journey Through It

The past week has been amazing and this week is proving to be even more fantastic! Journey through it with House of Rubi as we review last week top 5 fan favorites!

#5 “Fabrics Fabrics Which Do You Like” It’s wonderful when House of Rubi clients and followers partake in the design and editing process. They do so by stating what designs they prefer and choosing their favorite fabrics. One of the favorite prints was this green floral print!


Green floral print with an Indonesian feel. Click this image to check out ” Fabrics Fabrics, Which Do You Like”

#4 “Clutch it”  The Holidays are almost here and House of Rubi has a variety of clutches available for the gift giving season. These clutches were featured in the “Clutch It” blog.


House of Rubi Clutch Bags featured in ” Clutch it” Click this image to check out the blog!

#3 “Dress it”  featured our favorite House of Rubi Dresses! My personal favorite is the Mai dress! But we all agreed that the little Diva Amirah stole the show. 😀


Amirah modeling her dress! Click this image to check out the blog ” Dress it”

#2  “Move it” Music always moves the spirit and touches the soul. ” Move it” featured the top 5 favorite African jams that motivates us to keep moving and jammin!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.33.00 AM

The music group Mavins featured in the Looku Looku music video. Click this image to see the video and many more in the “Move it” blog!

#1 “Bag it”  took the cake!


Everyone loved how funky and cool the slouch bags are! Hence “Bag it” is the # 1 fan favorite. Click this image to check out the blog.


The Jerricka Bag was also featured along with the Ika slouch in the ” Bag it Blog” Click this image to order a slouch bag in the House of Rubi online shop!

Thanks for journeying through it with House of Rubi!

To get a customized fashion item made and/or find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at 

Follow House of Rubi to find afro-chic and other cultural inspired fashions, learn about world design trends, cosmopolitan trends, cultural traditions, and keep updated on the brand!!



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