Werk it

As I stated in the blog “Makeup it,” we all have a preparation process before getting dressed. Depending upon the occasion, some of us start preparing our bodies for an outfit months beforehand! We might want to work out and shape things up prior to a big event!

There are certain dresses from House of Rubi such as the Nicole and Mercedes drape back dress that I tune up to look good in. 😀   Regardless of what we choose to wear, we should always exude confidence and put on something that makes us feel good.


The Nicole Dress! Click this Image to check out the Nicole Dress blog!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.49.41 AM

The Mercedes Drape Back Dress! Click this image to check out the blog ” Bringing Sexy Back”

My best friend Danielle said “We are suppose to work out to be healthy, but many of us work out just to look good!” I’ve been guilty of that. However, I have learned the importance of putting my health first. Whatever your reasons for working out are, you should have fun during your workout regimen.  We got our dance on in the blog “Move It” and “Move It Part 2” . Now its time to Werk it!! Here are our favorite African and Island music dance work out videos we collected from youtube.  Enjoy and let me know which one was your favorite!!  Also, if you would like to see more great dance videos, check out our House of Rubi Pinterest Dance board,

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.00.51 AM

House of Rubi Pinterest Dance and Workout Board!! Click this image to check it out and follow House of Rubi on Pinterest.

The Kukere Workout Video by Scola Dondo

Reggae Dance Hall Workout by Keaira LaShae

Latin Soca Island Workout by Keaira Lashae

Dorobucci Dance Workout- by Afrifitness

Casssandra Nuamah-Kukuwa African Dance Workout on Gemsag Productions Channel

Body Tuning Afro Beat Workout: Burn to the Beat by Keaira Lashae on BeFit

Thanks for Werking it!

To get a customized fashion item made and/or find out more about House of Rubi, email me (Rubi Girl Tenneh) at info@houseofrubi.com or just click CONTACT US. Also, visit the House of Rubi website at  www.houseofrubi.com 

Follow House of Rubi to find afro-chic and other cultural inspired fashions, learn about world design trends, cosmopolitan trends, cultural traditions, and keep updated on the brand!!


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