Thank You Graduates!!

Written by Rubi Girl Tenneh Wilkins 

We at House of Rubi are very proud of all the young men and women who have graduated from high school and college this year!! Congratulations on a job well done. House of Rubi promotes Culture, Confidence and Creativity. We also strive upon a social awareness platform which encourages education. Thank You to all the graduates!! Every year we  show our gratitude and gift an honor roll graduating high school student in an urban community, with an outfit for their prom or graduation party. We design, create and/or customize the outfit according to the student’s request.

This year the giftee was Ms. Sayee Campbell, who graduated from Providence, Rhode Island Classical High School with Honors!



We choose to gift Sayee because not only is she an honor student, she is also an outstanding member of her community. She was the choreographer for the Dance Ministry at her church.


Sayee was also a member of the Classical High School track team, and the Youth in Action YEAH program (Youth Educating About Health). They reached out to the youth in urban communities and taught about safe sex and a healthy lifestyle.

Being that she is very proud of her Liberian, West African Heritage,


the lovely Ms. Campbell requested that House of Rubi design her a stylish and chic, bold African print, caped romper for her graduation party! Hence, we sketched a romper which featured a jewel neckline, zipper at front and sleeveless fitted top attached to straight leg pants.


When asked about how she felt in her custom made, designer House of Rubi outfit, Sayee gushed “Oh my gosh I felt like royalty! Everyone complimented on how beautiful I looked, and wanted to know where I got my outfit! I was happy and felt beautiful! Thank you for the gift!”



Sayee family and friends are very proud of her. According to one of her cousins, Sayee was accepted to every university she applied to, but decided to stay in state and attend the University of Rhode Island (URI) so that she would not be a financial burden on her parents.

Her mother was scared that her youngest child (her baby) is growing up. Yet, she is proud that she raised a beautiful, inspiring, and ambitious young lady.


Here are a few statements from her loved ones.

” She is an exceptional child who carries herself with pride. Whether it is in the classroom, or through her fashion style, she is not afraid to stand out. She believes in chasing  her dreams and we can’t wait until the day to call her Dr. Campbell”.  Kormasa Amos

“The type of person that she is, is very rare. I gravitated to her because of her personality. In the world today, its hard to find a person that is true to themselves. It is an accomplishment within itself, the fact that she exudes a pure and genuine spirit, in a world where people are many times forced or choose to hide their true nature.” Emmanuel Amos

“She is so kind hearted, caring and giving. She puts people before herself. Although I always tell her to put herself first, her giving personality is what I love most about her.” Saydah Nagbe


Now that she has graduated from high school, Sayee is looking forward to new adventures. She will be attending the University of Rhode Island and majoring in Nursing. Her future aspiration is to become a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner (DNP) and focus in Pediatrics.


Sayee has expressed her gratitude to House of Rubi many times.


However, we at House of Rubi would like to say,”THANK YOU SAYEE FOR BEING A CONFIDENT EXCEPTIONAL LEADER, PURSUING YOUR EDUCATION, AND FOR BEING A BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!” May you achieve all your goals.


Thank You for reading!!

Also, Thank You Moses Janga for MOFLICKS for the Photography 😀

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