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House of Rubi is an eclectic, fun yet sophisticated brand featuring Afro-chic and other cosmopolitan designs. We celebrate the African diaspora and world artistic expression through fashion! Founded by Liberian American designer Tenneh Wilkins, House of Rubi provides standout global fashions for free-spirited urbane individuals. Our designs feature bold cultural prints and/or intricately unique styling details. Culture, confidence, and creativity is always fashionable!

We utilize our socially aware “for progress” business structure to promote joyous self expression and educate about modern and traditional world culture. The House of Rubi blog and online stores have “Fun Facts” which provides our products’ cultural roots and design elements information. Also, we name products after family, friends and amazing clientele as a form of appreciation for their support. 

Contact us

Call: (516) 927-RUBI (7824)

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  1. Hi, empressive blog you have here…. Wanna ask you a private question……. Can i get your email or are you on any social media? facebook, twitter or whatsapp? I will be so glad.

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