House of Rubi- Keri Dress

Bold Circular Print On House of Rubi "Keri Dress"

House of Rubi "Keri Dress" Color Variations

House of Rubi "Keri Dress" Color Variations

A beautiful print can make a simple garment look great!  Prints are excellent for spicing up your wardrobe.  Holiday dresses are usually sparkly, printed or both. No matter what print you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment.  However, finding the right print to complement your silhouette can sometimes be difficult.

Guideline For Wearing Prints

-Pair a printed separate with neutrals.  Example, If you are wearing a top with a busy print, pair it with a neutral colored skirt or pant. Also, it’s usually best to keep your accessories and makeup simple when wearing bold prints.

-Wearing a printed top and neutral bottom usually makes a pear (bottom heavy) silhouette look slimmer.

-An ethnic print can add a unique and stylish flair to your assemble

-Usually, large prints make the body look fuller.  Therefore, full-figured women are advised to opt for smaller prints.  However, that rule is not set in stone.  I think no matter what size you are, always make sure the print proportionally complements your silhouette.

Contradicting to the common rule, here is Jill Scott (a stunning full-figured woman) looking fabulous in a large print motif.

House of Rubi Pillow Prints

House of Rubi Pillow Prints

Prints are also great for interiors. I love polka dots and bold ethnic prints. Therefore, I made simple square pillows using bold prints.  I balanced the prints with solid colored pillows.

House of Rubi "Renee Dress"

House of Rubi “Renee Dress”

The “Renee Dress” features a stunning geometric print complimented with creme and gold flowers.  This fabric is from Liberia.  Its beautiful colors and background inspired me to design more prints and create a mood board.

"Renee Dress" Inspiration Prints House of Rubi

"Renee Dress" Mood Board and Prints-House of Rubi

"Tasha Dress" House of Rubi

"Tasha Dress" House of Rubi

The “Tasha Dress” is most definitely one of my favorite dresses.  It is sassy, sexy and bold.  A woman who wears leopard print is usually perceived to be a confident diva and sexy beast!  The “Tasha Dress” is not meant for wall flowers!

I used the image of a plastic bottle with water precipitation on the inside, to design a leopard print for House of Rubi.

This print is called “Water Leopard”

Water Leopard Print-House of Rubi

Water Leopard Print-House of Rubi

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Make sure to spice up your wardrobe with complimentary prints for your silhouette!

Check out the House of Rubi website .  You can can also contact Rubi Girl Tenneh at  with your questions and comments.

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